Cone Beam CT Scan

CONE BEAM SCANCone beam computed tomography is also referred to as a CBCT Scan. The CBCT scanner rotates around the patient’s head, obtaining up to nearly 600 distinct images to provide detailed data of a specific area in a patient’s mouth. With cone beam computed tomography, oral health professionals gain a highly accurate 3-D image of the patient’s anatomy from a single scan.  These 3-D images provide additional information to the practitioner with the potential to enhance the diagnosis and treatment plan, at a low radiation exposure.

The scans can be used to  evaluate if there is a sufficient amount of bone for implant placement, and help the professional to identify  and localize important anatomical structures.   

CBCT units delivering the lowest doses are nearly equivalent to the dose of the panoramic exam, allowing dental professionals to benefit from the power of 3-D while limiting the risk associated with radiation exposure.