Meet Dr. Hyman


Dr. Gary Hyman obtained his undergraduate dental degree from the University of Manitoba in 1970. He practiced general dentistry in Winnipeg from 1970-78 and then went to the University of Oregon, Health Sciences Center and obtained his diploma in Periodontology.

In the 35 years that he has been practicing periodontology in Manitoba he has seen a dramatic change in the way periodontology has evolved. Today, we have so many more tools at our disposal, we can replace hopeless teeth with implants, we can cover recession with grafts from human donor sites, we have regenerative materials that allow us to cure localized periodontal disease.

Dr. Hyman is active in the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, president of the Manitoba Society of Periodontists, Past President of the Winnipeg Dental Society and a Fellow of the International College of Dentists. 

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Hyman is married to Miriam, they have 6 children and 6 grandchildren. They love to travel, love their cottage in Gimli. Dr. Hyman is an avid golfer and president of the Glendale Golf and Country Club.